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Parallel-shaft geared motors

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Welcome to ABM Plauen GmbH

As subsidiary of ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik GmbH we are manufacturing products for the drive technology and related industries. Additionally, we possess comprehensive know-how in machining of cubical components. In this connection our bandwidth reaches from gray-cast iron over aluminum sand cast all the way to aluminum die-cast. Also manufacturing of fixtures and custom multi-purpose tools are our specialty.

ABM Plauen is your reliable partner for manufacturing of small batch and special series!

You can reach us at:

ABM Plauen GmbH
D├╝rerstrasse 32
D - 08527 Plauen
Phone  +49 3741 7013-0
Fax        +49 3741 7013-13
Email    kontakt@abm-plauen.de

This homepage is currently under construction. We work continuously to supply additional information.

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